Friday, December 23, 2005


First Up: Romania

Romania is a country where east meats west in the brutal fashion of horse hung vampires and eastern euro-twinks. While gayness was oppressed under communism, it was also oppressed under current rule. Many thought that when their leader and his wife were executed on live tv that ass-fucking would reign free, but alas, homosexuality was not decriminalized until 2002 and today many gay remain oppressed. Cruising in Romania is difficult as Euro-trash fashion adaptation confuses most gaydars and its best to find people in the know. This is changing though as Romania seeks to become part of the EU where human rights standards are higher.

Man Meat Markers (on a scale of 1-10):
Hotness: 7.5
Cuteness: 8.5
Friendliness: 7.0
Sex: 4.5 (Bad night in Cluj)
Fashion: 2.0 (in the cities, in the country-side the shirtless reside so 6.0 there)
Hung: 7.25
Hairy: 8:00 Yes, Please.

How to pick up a guy in Romanian:
De vrei sã te joci la bãtrânete, pãzeste-te la tinerete

Gay Romanian Links:

Gay Romania
Gay Bucharest
ACCEPT Romania

New Global Format

I've decided to blog by country in a gay-imperialism fashion. If you know of any good links to gay men and info around the world let me know. Ciao.

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Man's Best Friend

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