Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It was around this time last year I was wondering the streets of Moscow and ran into Sasha (on the left). I was taking a break from school at one of the few coffee shops on tverskaya. He was sitting alone at a table for 2. After about 10 minutes of eye sex, I decided to introduce myself. He thought my accent was cute and we chatted for 2 or 3 hours before deciding to go "make dinner" at my apartment. He was totally adorable and didn't mind my the occassional lapse of my Russian. He had studied English, but I was shy about speaking to me. I tried to encourage him. I find heavily accented English a total turn-on.

On our way to the Metro, it began to snow heavily and were covered with white wetness - a prelude to what was to cum. He continued to flirt with me on the Metro and when we got to my massive apartment building proceeded to wrestle me into the snow. As I was pinned to the ground, I could feel his raging hard-on and by the looks of his face, he could certainly feel mine. We got up to my apartment wet.

I began to peel off my layers. He stopped me, pushed me up against the wall and began to make out with me. I began to feel his body. He was ripped (over pillow talk, I found out he played hockey and had spent time in the military). I began pulling away his clothes, desparately searching for what was hidden behind the layers. He became more agressive, turning me around and forcing my face against the wall. He began to rip off my clothes and his hand shoved into my boxers where he firmly held my throbbing cock.

He then pulled me around by my cock, boxers at my knees. He was completely naked and had a beautiful 9 inch uncut cock. It was slightly curved and proportionately thick. It was leaking with precum. Давай!

His body was amazing. I lightly hairy stomach streched up to his well defined pecs. Starring at me he pushed me down to his cock where I savoured his precum and began to suck him vigorously. As he got close he pulled me off explaining that he didn't want it to end so quickly. We began to make out and I pulled him into the bedroom, where my imported stash of trojans and KY lay hidden. He pushed me on to the bed and began to go for my cock. Its was clear that he had much experience in this arena and he used his tongue to send shivers up my spine. I was about to cum. I squeezed to fend off the orgasm and pulled him off my cock. Out came the condoms.

After pulling the trojan down over his cock, he quickly mounted me. A shock of pain sent went the through my body. He pulled me in and held me close while he began to rapidly rape my ass. He grabed and groped me pulling at my body. He was fucking himself into a heavy sweat. I didn't think I could take it much longer but then my ass began to understand his cock. While fucking me he turned me over and we began to have eye sex while he ravaged my ass. I was high on the pleasure and pain of his fucking. I could feel my orgasm coming on. I shot all over my chest and face. This didn't slow him down. He began to lick my cum off my face while thrusting me. He moved to the end of the bed and picked me up while still inside. I held on to his shoulder while he wildly fucked me. I thought he was close to cumming, but this horse had more stamina than I predicted. He put me back on the bed and pounded me for another 15 minutes. I came again. On sight of my second comming, he picked up gear and began thrusting harder and harder. There was a slow moan and he began to shake. He roared like a lion and came at the same time. I could feel his pulses. He must have shot 10 times into the condom. When he pulled it out, it was 50 percent full.

We collapsed in the bed and cuddled for the rest of the evening. We even made dinner and plans to see each other again. After dinner he gave me his cell and kiss. I had four more months in Moscow and they were about to become the best months of my life.


Blogger Robby in FL said...

Damn hot story! Can't wait to hear more about your sexy russian stud... And WOW, I love eye sex. What a turn-on! Slurp!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Robby in FL said...

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Blogger Muscleblogger said...

Hot story man! I have added you to my favorites list. Thanks for adding me!

2:23 AM  
Blogger CTG said...

Hot Story and Hot Guy!

9:01 AM  

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