Thursday, January 26, 2006


In Russia there is a mode of public transportation that is somewhere between trolley and bus - трамвай - trolleybus. It is on one of these rickety Soviet mosters of public transportation that I met Ivan. Every morning I took trolleybus number 54 for about 30 minutes. I noticed Ivan my second week riding. He rode at the same time, but got on before I got on and got off after I left. He always dressed slick in suits and was clearly some sort of businessman. I clung to his mysteriousness while longing to figuring out the hottest passanger of trolleybus 54.

One day I finally decided to skip school and follow him until he got off. 3 or 4 stops after my regular stop I saw him get up and leave... I quickly followed him. We made short intense eye contact and I hopped off the trolleybus. He stopped at a tobak(small street store) and curiously bought what looked like to be condoms. Had he figured it out that quickly? No words had yet to have been exchanged...

"Hey, hey... I saw you ride the trolleybus with me" I said. He gave me a quick nod and said "lets go." Where we were going I had no idea. Scared but horny, I let my dick decide my fate.

After walking in silence for 3 blocks, we entered into the courtyard of an old apartment building.

"My name is Misha (my Russian name), what's yours?"


"Ivan the terrible?"

He gave me a smirk and opened the door to a staircase that would lead us up to his apartment. I noticed a growing tend in suit pants as we walked up the stairs. As soon as he opened his apartment door, I brushed up against his toned body. He closed the door and took off his shoes, offering me house slippers. Then without saying a word, he firmly pulled me into him, our foreheads touching. He then began to passionately kiss me with just the right amount of energy. I quickly began to unbutton his shirt. He moved us into his bedroom where our clothes quickly came off.

He had a perfect body and a nice long, raw uncut dick that had a pleasant masculine musk. And Ivan was terrible - terribly naughty. As we progressed, he got rougher, saying little but grabbing my body harder and harder. I began to suck his dick, but even rapid sucking was not what he desired. He began to face fuck me like a cheerleader in the back of a bus. While I felt his cock throb in back of my throat, i could feel his finger exploring my tight ass. He quickly turned me over, put on a condom and began to plow me, using his spit for lube. He was ravaging my ass with a sharp intensity. After 15 minutes I came all of my chest. He continued at it. Pouncing on me and contorting me while pulling on my hair... his hand grabbed every bit of me. As he came close his eyes began to glow with focus. Faster I screamed and faster he went exploding into my was ass.

He quickly cleaned up and I began to look around. We were in a woman's bedroom. I asked, where were. Holy fuck it was his grandmother's bed, but don't worry she died last year!!! Appearantly he brings his men back to his dead grandma's place because he lives next to his parents. We got dressed and walked outside. We went to the trolleybus stop to take 54. I hope on going in the opposite direction and he kept on going the otherway. I saw him several times and made sure his grandmother's bed was put to good use.


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